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For a limited time, this website will still have info about author & poet Jessica McHugh, but please jump over to for ALL Blackout Poetry Commissions! Thank you!

  • Learn: Who is this McHugh broad anyway? Click here for interviews, quotes, and more!
  • Read: Check out my bibliography of published works, including links for novels, anthologies, and some of the best small press publishers in the biz!
  • Laugh: Have you been dreaming of bloody Christmas? Watch five years of horror holiday parodies to help you feel creepily festive all year long.
  • Display: Buy pre-made blackout poetry or commission a piece using a book of your choice. Have a favorite novel you’d love to showcase? I’ll make as many poems as you’d like for maximum show-offy radness!
  • Support: If you’d like to support my work but can’t afford books or poetry, hit up my Patreon page to throw me as little as $1 a month for brand new stories or $10 for a one-of-a-kind blackout poem delivered to your mailbox every month!

If needed, contact me at or visit me on social media:

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